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Exhaust Fan Seals

Available for free to all Victorians through the Victorians Energy Upgrades (VEU) program

Fan seal is a VEU approved product that provides an innovative way of blocking unwanted airflow between the ceiling space and your home by sealing the void space of the exhaust fan using the flaps on the Fan Seal when the exhaust fan is switched off.
Fan seal helps improve the energy efficiency of your home by weatherproofing it and thereby reducing the electricity consumption to keep your house at an optimum temperature.

Advantages of Fan Seal

The Disadvantage of Open Exhaust Fan

How Does Fan Seal Help?

Covering all exhaust fan vents with self-closing dampers becomes vital to keep your home warm during the freezing winters and cool during the scorching summers. When the exhaust fan is turned on, the disc-shaped dampers remain open to vent out the air. The dampers/covers return to their closed position as soon as it is turned off, sealing the unwanted airflow into the house.

Take Advantage of Government Energy Upgrades

Save Money on Your Energy Bills


The Australian government is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and are providing access to discounted energy-efficient products and services to business and residents across Australia. One of the easiest ways you can make a difference to Australia’s carbon footprint is by looking at how you use energy in your home or business. Upgrading your inefficient appliances to more sustainable options can collectively impact the reduction of greenhouse gas, and that’s good news for us all.

For more information on the Victorian Energy Upgrades Program please see the video below