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This Victorian government split system eligibility is for all Victorian Households including both renters and homeowners. If renting, you just need to get the authorization from your homeowners.

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Eligibility will confirm the number of Aircons you may be eligible for


Make your home comfortable faster. The product uses an efficient compressor and smart design to allow for an effective strong flow of conditioned air for immediate comfort.


Breathe clean and healthy air. Capable of cleaning up to 80% more dust and pollen from the air, this Aircon’s High Density Filter technology brings you clean and refreshing air.


Connect your Aircon to WiFi with the optional adapter and turn on the best split type air conditioner from anywhere with the mobile App or with your voice using smart integrations from Google Home or Amazon Alexa.


Next generation of eco-friendly, energy-efficient heating and cooling. Use less energy to run your air conditioner and with the more eco-friendly, and safer R32 refrigerant gas in your compatible Aircon.

The Process


Click on the “Check Your Eligibility” button and fill your details on the enquiry form.


Post submitting the enquiry form, our experts will get in touch with you to gather specific details to determine your eligibility for the Aircon installation in accordance with the VEU guidelines.


Once everything is finalised and it is deduced that you are eligible, we will schedule an installer at a time of your convenience, who will carry out the split system air conditioning installation.